Beeler Industries works towards surpassing expectations on every project and to maximize grower returns.

Beeler Industries partners directly with your company to provide efficient processes, with safe and sanitary machinery.  Along with our own custom-built machinery, we partner with quality equipment suppliers like Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing, Donaldson Torit, The Satake Group, MPI Magnet and Deamco to ensure that your processing is done with the best equipment available.brands

We design and install next-generation process systems that help drive down both your labor and power consumption costs.  We focus on correct sanitation because if it’s not sanitation; it’s contamination.

Beeler Industries respects your budget and we are on site to make sure everything works correctly during start up.   We also can advise you on system redesign and upgrades. We have been in the nut processing industry for thirty plus years and have tackled complex projects worldwide.

Always innovating, Beeler Industries is committed to a leadership role within the industry.

Our custom process solutions include:

  • Next generation tree nut processing plants
  • Hi-Spec sorting systems
  • Enclosed receiving bins that provide greater dust control and sanitation
  • Sizing shakers and vibrating conveyers with quick-release mechanisms
  • Miter Clean Technology for ease of cleaning and better overall sanitation